Just another Rachel to You (rachelute) wrote in christs_canvas,
Just another Rachel to You

Woohoo! Another tattoo!!

After almost 2.5 years, I finally was able to get another tattoo!!  :-)  It was a hassle with my husband, but we've agreed on this for a little while, and it took me a long while to figure out what I wanted to put as a new permanent addition to my body!  :-P  I got it on Friday, so it's still healing, but it looks great!   Depending on how it heals, I might have the artist add a bit more red into it, but we'll see how it turns out.

Here it is - #8.  You can read about my other tattoos from my info page if you like - they all have meaning to me.  This one has a similar significance to me as my second tattoo - I got it during a time when things have just been rough.  This last year has been incredibly hard on me:  in my job, my family, my in-laws, and, of course...with me.  I've always loved the look of the lily - it's beauty and its significance to Christianity.  I've also always wanted to get a tattoo with the colors of the sunrise/set - because the colors both signify a beginning and an end that is beautiful. 

It's beautifully symbolic of remembering to live, putting away the old, and looking forward to the new. 

PICTURES!!  :-)  If you can't tell for some reason, it's on my upper [left] shoulder.

I had it done by Chris Collett @ Psycho Tattoo of Marietta, GA.

Ha!  And...my husband LOVES the way it turned out.  He even suggested I might get another one on my other shoulder.  :-P
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Very bright and pretty!
thanks! :-)