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stacy ann


I've been having a lot of doubt about YWAM(Youth With A Mission) all day. Especially after talking to my mom about it this morning. She doesn't understand why I have to do this. It breaks my heart. But I know God wants me to go. I know it. I've been talking to Bobby about it all night and he really calmed my heart. I have a little over a month to raise a good amount of money. I will be sending letters to family, friends, the church once I get accepted. I will be sending in my application this week. I can do this. I also applied for a few jobs. I will be calling them later on today. If I can get any money from working, it will be a blessing. I hate asking people for money. That has always been a problem for me. But this is for something very important. I will also be selling A LOT more of my things.

Please keep me in your prayers and good thoughts. If you would like to help me finacically, I will send you a stamped envelope that you could send anything in. Also, I have paypal. My email for that is Seriously, even a dollar or two would help me out. This is something God has really put on my heart.

Thank you so much.

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